Florida Atlantic University - School of Drama Classes

Scott Rogers - Scott Rogers Studios (film acting)

Mark Beltzman - Improv Workshops

Nito Larioza - Film Stunt Workshops

​Wayne Ward - The Actor's Work Shop (film acting)

Kimee Balmilero - Improv U Workshops

Ninja Monkeys - Film Fight and Stunt Choreography

Tony Pisculli - Combat Stage Training

AK-47, handgun and riffle training - U.S. ARMY

Timber the Treasure Dog - Supporting - Oracle Film Group



Salsa Congress - Host (spanish) - Univision Hawaii

Hawaii Five O  - Pirate  - CBS

Paradise Justice - Dimitri - MataRock Productions



The Full Monty - Tony Giordano - September 2017

​Improv Comedy Jamz Competition - Winner (1st Place) - March 2016

The Painter - Robert - February 1983

​America Discovered - Ponce de Leon - November 1985

​​​Military Role Player - Improv Unscripted - U.S. ARMY Contractor 


TV / Web

Lifeguard, Motorcycle, Weapons, Stunts, Surf, Scuba Diver, Horseback, Sail, Soccer, Tennis, Football, Dance, TV Host, Martial Arts

Accents: Russian, Southern, Mexican, Cuban, Spanish, Argentine, Puerto Rican, French, Siberian, Arabic.

Autocross and Motorcycle

Music:  Drums, Disc Jockey 

Public Art - Lead - Greg Keast (Post Production)

Fire Like Water - Supporting - iNtertainment (Pre-Prod)

Timber The Treasure Dog - Supporting - Oracle Film Group

​Fire Monkey King II - Principal - Reel Asian Films

​From Within (Short) - Lead - Mad Gravity Studios

Bridgette (Short) - Lead - Greg Keist

Puppy Swap: Love Unleashed - Supporting - Oracle Film Group

Sylencia & Hellysia (Short) - Principal - Venture Entertainment 

Convict (short) - Konas Mass - Marcelo Palacios (writter, producer, director, principal)

Walk the Walk - Lead - Ari Novak