"I've always been a fan of film, theater, and television."

​Marcelo Palacios is a lover of the arts, a charming but diligent professional.  A master of duality, his looks have allowed him to play good guys, but his the uncanny ability to play evil men has landed him some bad guy roles.  As a young boy he loved comedy and performing in front of his family and friends, or "showing off" as he calls it, he would participate in school plays and perform dance routines of his favorite boybands for his class, but it was not until his adult life that he  decided to pursue his passion of acting, and began to take a serious interest in film and television.  

Show business is in his blood.  Marcelo Palacios was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but at just six months old, his parents brought him to North America.   His mother and father traveled the world dancing Flamenco and starred in stages across the  Americas, the Caribbean, Las Vegas, and New York City.   He grew up traveling with them until they settled in Puerto Rico, and later Miami, where Marcelo was able to attend prep schools.  As a kid in Puerto Rico his sports were surfing, swimming, and soccer, but in Florida during his High School years, he took an interest in Football and Track & Field.  His love of music transformed him into a DJ during his teenage years and during his college years he became CEO of his own private DJ company.  He received a bachelors degree in physics from Florida Atlantic University. During his mid-twenties he began to dab into acting, landing a few roles in student films, but financial responsibilities forced him to take a hiatus in acting.  

A few years passed, he had been working 9-5 jobs and he was unhappy with his life's direction, he knew something was missing, but he could not pin point exactly what it was, so he packed his surfboards and moved to Hawai'i hoping to figure out what was missing.  He opened a surf shop and married a beautiful nurse who gave him two children.  After a few years,  he would have to close the surf shop, business was not doing well and his wife had been offered a position in the mainland.  The change was full of uncertainty, he had lost his identity, and the years that followed were some of the hardest years of his life, but he made the best of it.   He took a job as a role-player working for the U.S. military under contract, training soldiers prior to deployment.  A couple years passed, something was still missing, he was not happy, so him and his family moved back to Hawai'i thinking everything would be better in paradise.  

Marcelo felt lost, he had tried a few different careers and numerous jobs, but nothing seemed to fulfill his soul.  Then, his wife asked him the question that would change his life forever, "If you could do something you truly loved, without having to worry about how much money you make, what would that be?"   His answer was "Acting". 

Today, Marcelo Palacios continues to pursue his passion for acting...